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The true purpose beyond Capitalist Mindset

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Capitalism is one of the most destructive ideas mankind has ever developed. It distracts individuals from their true purpose, imposes limitations, fosters negative competition, and divides families and communities. The exploitation of Black people worldwide can be traced back to the roots of capitalism, a system that prioritizes profit over people.


Seven years ago, I took a radical step to escape the capitalist mindset. I shut down my company and television station, retreating into the mountains for a deep meditative experience that lasted almost three years. When I emerged from this profound journey, I was a transformed individual. As I began to reintegrate into civilization and re-establish my company, I realized that my focus had shifted dramatically. My new mission was no longer about economic gain but about pursuing my true destiny.


The Journey to Self-Discovery

Living away from the capitalist-driven society allowed me to delve deeply into self-discovery and spiritual growth. I found that the pursuit of destiny, the realization of one’s true purpose on earth, is the most important duty we have. When this becomes our focus, money naturally takes a backseat. It becomes a tool rather than a goal, a means to facilitate our true mission rather than the mission itself.


In my current practice, I am very selective about the people I choose to work with. My criteria are not based on their ability to generate capital but on their alignment with deeper, more meaningful needs. This approach ensures that our work together is genuinely transformative and not merely transactional.


The Capitalist Trap

Capitalism, by its very nature, compels people to prioritize wealth accumulation. This relentless pursuit often leads to a loss of connection with our deeper selves and with others. It creates a culture where success is measured by material wealth, leading to a society obsessed with consumption and competition. In such an environment, true fulfillment and spiritual growth are often

overlooked or entirely forgotten.


The exploitation associated with capitalism is not limited to economics. It seeps into social structures, creating systemic inequalities and perpetuating cycles of poverty and oppression. The history of Black exploitation under capitalist systems is a stark reminder of how this ideology can dehumanize and marginalize entire communities.


Shifting the Focus: From Wealth to Purpose

When we shift our focus from accumulating wealth to discovering and fulfilling our purpose, we begin to see the world differently. Our interactions with others become more meaningful, and our work becomes a reflection of our deepest values. Money becomes a secondary concern, a mere byproduct of living a purpose-driven life.


This shift requires a fundamental change in how we view success. Instead of measuring it by financial gain, we measure it by the positive impact we have on others and the fulfillment we derive from our endeavors. This perspective fosters a more compassionate, connected, and equitable society.


The Role of Meditation and Self-Reflection

My retreat into the mountains was not just an escape from capitalism; it was an immersion into meditation and self-reflection. These practices are crucial for anyone seeking to break free from the capitalist mindset. They provide the clarity needed to understand our true purpose and the strength to pursue it despite societal pressures.


Meditation helps us quiet the noise of the world and tune into our inner selves. It allows us to reconnect with our core values and aspirations, providing a solid foundation for a purpose-driven life. Through regular self-reflection, we can assess our actions and decisions, ensuring they align with our true mission.


Building a Purpose-Driven Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey has been the ability to build a community of like-minded individuals. Together, we support each other in our pursuit of purpose, creating a network of mutual encouragement and growth. This community is not driven by profit but by a shared commitment to personal and collective betterment.


In this environment, we celebrate each other’s successes, not by the money we earn but by the lives we touch and the differences we make. We understand that true wealth is found in meaningful relationships, personal fulfillment, and the positive impact we have on the world.



Escaping the capitalist mindset and focusing on our true purpose is a transformative journey. It requires courage, commitment, and a willingness to redefine success. By prioritizing destiny over money, we can create a more fulfilling, equitable, and compassionate world. My experience has shown that when we align our lives with our true purpose, money becomes secondary, and we find greater satisfaction and meaning in our endeavors.


Embrace the Spirit of Spiriletics and Ashingne Tradition

The teachings of Spiriletics and the Ashingne tradition guide us to live in harmony with our true selves and the world around us. By integrating these practices into our lives, we can overcome the limitations of capitalism and discover a deeper, more fulfilling path.


Join the Movement: Together, we can create a future where compassion, purpose, and connection are at the forefront of our existence. Embrace the principles of Spiriletics and Ashingne tradition, and let’s build a world where every individual can achieve their true potential.


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