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The Transformative Journy of Ashingne Tradition

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In the heart of Mendocino County, amidst the serene beauty of Ukiah, a profound transformation was quietly unfolding. Emmanuel Mallo, after spending close to three years in an isolated retreat in the mountains of California, decided to reintegrate into modern civilization by sharing the ancient wisdom of the Ashingne tradition. His journey,

marked by deep introspection and spiritual awakening, had prepared him to guide others on their paths to healing and enlightenment.


In 2019, Emmanuel launched his first Ashingne mindfulness meditation class, an endeavor that was both a test drive and a leap of faith. Among his first students was an ex-British Gurkha Army veteran, a man who had seen the darkest sides of humanity during his service in Kosovo. Haunted by the physical and emotional scars of war, he was searching

for something to heal his soul.


The veteran had long been curious about Emmanuel, having seen him train and meditate in the mountains with a quiet intensity and grace. Driven by this curiosity and a glimmer of hope, he registered for the Ashingne Winter Fire class. Little did he know, this decision would mark the beginning of a miraculous journey.

The Ashingne tradition, deeply rooted in the principles of balance, energy, and flexibility, offers a pathway to holistic well-being. It is a practice that harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit, fostering resilience and inner peace. Emmanuel's teachings, enriched by his own profound experiences, resonated deeply with the veteran. The class became a

sanctuary where he could confront his pain and begin the healing process.


Over the course of two months, the veteran diligently practiced the techniques he learned. The results were nothing short of spectacular. A long-standing upper back injury, sustained from a fall off a cliff years earlier, began to heal. More astonishingly, he found relief from the depression that had plagued him for so long. His testimony, which you can


Emmanuel Mallo's teachings draw from a rich tapestry of wisdom, blending the ancient practices of the Ashingne tradition with contemporary mindfulness techniques. The essence of Ashingne is about expanding one's consciousness, connecting deeply with one's inner self, and fostering a sense of balance and harmony in life. This holistic approach not only

heals but also empowers individuals to transcend their limitations and achieve their highest potential.


The veteran's story is just one among many who have experienced the transformative power of Ashingne. Emmanuel's classes offer more than just physical and emotional healing; they provide a path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. As he often says, "True success can easily be attained in life if a few basic simple principles are followed. The first one is

simple and basic: it is what we eat, how we meditate, and how we live mindfully."

In a world where material pursuits often overshadow the quest for inner peace, the Ashingne tradition stands as a beacon of hope. It teaches us that true freedom and happiness lie not in external possessions but within ourselves. By embracing the principles of balance, energy, and flexibility, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and resilience.


For those seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves, a path to healing, or a way to unlock their full potential, the Ashingne tradition offers a compelling invitation. Emmanuel Mallo's journey and the incredible testimonies of his students are a testament to the profound impact of this ancient practice. 


Join the journey, embrace the teachings, and discover the transformative power of Ashingne tradition. Your path to healing and enlightenment awaits.

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