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Published on Oct 22, 2017

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  • Pinned by ScereBro

    ScereBro . 18 hours ago

    Where does Thor: Ragnarok rank amongst the other Thor movies? Amongst the rest of the MCU? Let us know in the comments below and tell us which other movies you'd like to see us make Honest.

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  • Doge . 2 hours ago

    Depressive Alcoholics are my favorite superheroes

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  • Juan Lacanaria . 12 hours ago

    Can you please say "winner winner , chicken dinner"

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  • Comander Lucky . 2 weeks ago

    It looked like electro shuffle was most synced

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  • Menji . 1 week ago

    The floss, fresh, flapper, ride the pony were all in sync if you ask me plus if they used the original music they would be copyrighted. Plus the original music made it worst for these dances.

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  • Storax Storm . 11 hours ago

    Well Epic Games would have gotten Copyrighted if they used the original music but yea I see you

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  • Nick Jacobs . 6 hours ago

    Electro shuffle best dance hands down

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  • Jumpman30 . 2 hours ago

    bruh okay the original fresh music is the best hands down, it looks classy. the music they put on the fresh in fort nite makes it worse

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