Holistic Health and Wellness

Harmonizing the Soul: The Spiriletic Odyssey of Enlightenment

Embark on a transformative journey with “Harmonizing the Soul: The Spiriletic Odyssey of Enlightenment,” a course meticulously crafted to guide you through the profound wisdom of the Spiriletics Guide and the timeless Ashingne tradition. This enlightening expedition is not just a study; it’s an immersive experience into the depths of spiritual wisdom, ethics, and personal growth. Imagine walking through a mystical forest where each tree whispers ancient secrets, or standing on a cosmic stage where every action contributes to the universe’s grand symphony. This course is a tapestry of such vivid narratives and metaphors, elegantly interwoven to present a rich, multi-layered exploration of spirituality.

Spiriletics Odyssey: The Dance of Spirit and Nature

In lands where spirits dance and nature sings, A tale unfolds, of profound and mystic things. “Spiriletics Odyssey,” a journey deep and wide, Where art and soul in sacred dance collide. Through canvases where African spirits dwell, In verdant groves where silent stories swell. Guardians of Ashingne, in colors bright and pure, Invoke the dance of life, ancient and sure. The matriarchs and patriarchs in regal stance, Weave Spiriletics’ truth in a visual trance. In every leaf, in each golden ray of light, Lies hidden wisdom, profound and right.

The Luminous Voyage: Unveiling Body Locks Through Spiriletics and Ashingne Wisdom

Imagine a world where each individual is free from the shackles of physical and emotional pain, a world where the longevity of a happy life is not a distant dream but a tangible reality. Spiriletics and Ashingne traditions offer more than just remedies; they offer a way of living, a path that intertwines the physical with the spiritual, the individual with the community, and humanity with the natural world.

Journey of Light: Exploring Spiriletics for Young Minds

Welcome to a magical journey, an adventure like no other you have embarked upon before. “Journey of Light: Exploring Spiriletics for Young Minds” is not just a course, but a passage into the realms of wisdom, wonder, and self-discovery. As you turn each page and engage with each chapter, you are stepping into a world where ancient wisdom meets youthful curiosity, where the echoes of ancestral voices blend with your vibrant dreams, and where the journey of enlightenment becomes as exciting as your favorite story. In this course, we travel across time and space, exploring the rich tapestry of spiritual traditions. We’ll meet heroes and sages, learn from their struggles and triumphs, and find our own place in the ongoing story of human spiritual evolution. This journey is about lighting the lamp of knowledge and letting it illuminate the paths of understanding, compassion, and unity

Afro-Mutata Dance

Afro-Mutata Dance. Dancing is another level of spiritual well-being you need to explore. We use dance and movements to alleviate pain, suffering, and demonstration assurance of your guaranteed future. Through music, dance and demonstrations we bring to life reality in real-time for you to experience.

Empower & Sustain: Revitalizing Communities for a Thriving Future

The workshop “Empower & Sustain: Revitalizing Communities for a Thriving Future,” is a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern innovation??. This initiative is a call to action, aiming to rekindle community engagement and responsibility, highlighting the values of Spiriletics and Ashingne traditions??. Participants will explore sustainable livelihoods, cultural and spiritual enrichment, environmental stewardship, education, and empowerment, striving for a sustainable and prosperous future deeply rooted in cultural and spiritual heritage??.

Speaking Engagment

I am open for invitation on any platform to speak on issues ralating to Well-being, spiritual racism, enlightenment, and the future of mankind. We guide individuals to live a stress free life by offering online, and in-person classes, training, and demonstrations.

Spiriletics: The Practice of Ashingne Tradition

This book, "Spiriletics: A Practice of Ashingne Tradition," is more than a mere collection of words; it is the embodiment of a legacy, a sacred testament to the roots that have nourished my spirit and the wings that have given it flight. This book, crafted with the intricate tapestry of Ngiafon's profound insights and experiences, invites us on a journey that transcends mere physicality, delving deep into the realms of spirituality and cosmic consciousness.