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Ngiashop, is a community e-commerce platform for members to market locally-made quality products and services relating to well-being.

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Ashingne Tradition: Pathway to Enlightenment and Balance. Discover the Wisdom of Ages, Empower Your Spirit, and Transform Your Life. Each course product and service is designed to help you on your path to a balanced, Flexible, enlightened, and fulfilling life.

Ngiafon Leyayayo Podcast

Ngiafon Leyayayo Podcast: At the Fountain of Youth and Well-being you may learn things that you have already learned but in the wrong way. You will learn how and what to learn, as human beings never cease to learn till death. You may have incorporated Yoga, workout exercise, prayer, stretching, mindfulness, and meditation into your daily life, but they are not helping you properly because accurate learning ways are still hidden. You will Learn these unique aspects of practice in the fountain of youthfulness...