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 Ngiafon LLC

Ngiafon LLC stands at the sacred confluence of ancestral wisdom and contemporary enlightenment, a sanctuary for those seeking solace and illumination amidst the turbulence of modern life. As a wellspring of well-being, ilumination and self-actualization, we extend our holistic services to individuals, families, villages, and community organizations; guided by the timeless principles of the Ashingne tradition.

At the core of our philosophy lies Spiriletics, an innovative discipline that harmonizes the physical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of being. Rooted in the ancient knowledge of our ancestors, Spiriletics transcends ordinary practice, embodying a way of life that nurtures balance, energy, and flexibility. Through our transformative mindfulness meditation techniques, and commitment to wellness education, we empower souls to embark on a profound journey of self-awakening, unlocking their highest potentials.

Our diverse offerings encompass the research, writing, publication, and distribution of audio-visual content, providing a catalyst for public education, and personal growth. Workshops and seminars infused with the essence of Luminous Verse, our unique expression of spiritual storytelling, invite participants to experience a profound connection with the cosmos, weaving together the tangible and the mystical.


Rooted in the Ashingne tradition, we consult with primordial emotions, harnessing energy, and power to reveal one's purposeful path in life called destiny. This discipline, enriched by the integration of art, music, nature, and spirituality, offers a unique and efficient method for addressing personal, and collective challenges, promoting progressive clarity and the ability to solve complex problems.

Our goal extends beyond physical wellness, aiming to nurture a society where satisfaction, happiness, peace, joy, harmony, and creativity thrive. By aligning with science, nature, and spirituality, we fill the void left by unanswered scientific queries, ensuring a comprehensive approach to well-being that honors both ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey at Ngiafon, where the path toward a quality and productive life is illuminated by the combined wisdom of our ancestors and the enlightened insights of our present. Discover the power of our services and embrace the lifestyle that accompanies them, for together, we can co-create a better world, one radiant soul at a time.

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    We have marketers, and businesses covered, with robust affiliate marketing platforms, to provide quality products and services for residual income. We will constantly hand you a packaged quality solution to human problems that bring curiously, and happy clients. Please fill in the short survey and a membership form, you can also complete an online application at www.ngiafon.com, rest assured we will help to make your experience positively exciting, educational and beneficial.

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